Clousure of Endanza 2014 at La Rambleta Theatre

Esencia Danza Asociación organizes the CLOUSURE OF ENDANZA 2014 on July 26th, in which most of the students will show the different classes and workshops done during the course.

This demonstration will end with the special performance of two professional dancers that will be an imput and example to all the participants in ENDANZA.

This Clousure has an important benefic purpose, because the benefits form the tickets will be destinated to help one or several young and talented dancers that have been awarded with a scholarship in a prestigious school but cannot afford to go because of economic reasons.

Is this a reality that the founders of ESENCIA DANZA have seen in several cases in the past years . Therefore ESENCIA DANZA wants to help young and promissing dancers to reach their dream and this will be one step to be part of it.